“We provide quality service for your building”

    We declared our vision and set detailed targets for making it to the ‘Global Top 7’ under our vision slogan ‘Go Global’. Our Vision House embodies our commitment to acting on the three core values and norms on the basis of ‘Safety and Ethics’ as a fundamental philosophy in order to reach out to customers across the globe.

  • Go Global

        Expand into the global market retaining a solidified position in Korea as No. 1 for sustainable growth

        Achieve global Top 7 in 2020, breaking away from 2nd-tier group

    Service Excellence
    “Provide the kindest customer service and second-to-none customer response”

        Serve customers always with kindness based on instinctive behavior and intuitive understanding

        Respond promptly to customer requests. Furthermore, we provide a pro-active service that relieves customers of the need to make request

    Global Competence
    “Hold a dominant position among global competition through continuous innovation of cost and quality”

        Ensure global competitiveness in cost and quality through new ideas and continuous R&D investment

        Product differentiation and localization through innovation with respect to non-cost competitiveness

    Respect Talent
    “Respect talents and develop them as the best as possible”

        Evaluate employees fairly and provide them with a reasonable and rational reward system based on their performance

        Create a great work place

    Safety & Ethics

        Place the utmost on the safety of customers, employees, and partners’ employees

        Be honest to myself, honest to my company, honest to my customers, and finally honest to society

        Transparent and fair competition

  • F O L L O W   U S