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  • Environment, Health and Safety Policy

    Hyundai Elevator recognizes the importance of environmental protection and drives green management by providing the best working conditions and integrating safe and sound management practices into all aspects of our business as follows:

    1. Establish goals and targets to minimize impacts on the environment, health and safety across all management activities, and pursue continuous improvement through monitoring of its implementation.

    2. Comply with local regulations, agreements and organizational rules, and set and implement strict management standards as necessary to continuously improve the level of compliance.

    3. Improve health and safety of our all employees, create a pleasant work environment and achieve zero accidents by eliminating root causes of all harmful factors and risks in all workplaces.

    4. Ensure that all employees are well aware of their social responsibilities to stakeholders through continuous education and training, and ensure they faithfully carry out their individual responsibilities and roles. Fulfill our corporate social responsibilities and put sustainable management into practice by reflecting the needs of stakeholders in management activities and disclosing our business performance in a transparent way.

  • All the personnel's undertaking tasks on behalf of Hyundai Elevator, its executives and employees shall try their best to be fully aware of, comply with safety - health policies and carry out continuous enhancement activities to keep the safety and health management system optimal.

  • PT.Hyundai Elevator Indonesia conducts First Aid Training for workers to anticipate work accidents and health problems at the work site. With this training, it is expected that workers have the ability to carry out first aid in the event of sudden accidents and illnesses in the workplace and develop an EHS system at the Company.

  • In accordance with management's commitment to always provide the best service to the customer, PT.Hyundai Elevator Indonesia conducts training related to technician knowledge and EHS (Environmental, Health and Safety). The training is about problems in the field and how to solve problems, and provides training related to EHS (Environmental, Health and Safety) to be healthy and safe in carrying out their work.

  • PT.Hyundai Elevator Indonesia has safety-based programs to prevent losses due to workplace accidents and equipment damage. one of these programs is Site Safety Check. The EHS Team will check the Elevator or Escalator Units by using a checklist that complies with government regulations of the Republic of Indonesia (Permenaker No. 6 of 2017) which aims to provide information and educate customers regarding compliance with these regulations.

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