• Training And Development

    PT Hyundai Elevator Indonesia prioritizes Human Resource development. To create employees with a work ethic or high productivity, companies must be able to encourage them well, one of which is to create a training and HR development program

    In order to achieve this goal, we provide managerial and functional training that is tailored to the level of employee positions and employee needs, as well as the individual career development opportunities of the employee.

    Leadership Training

    Leadership training has now become a necessity in the development of human resources. Leadership training aims to improve the quality of a person to become a leader, master what is his responsibility, set strategies and policies that will ultimately increase the productivity of the company.. Every year regularly given leadership training for supervisors level up, with a variety of different topics, and tailored to the needs.

    Functional Training

    Functional training related to the work of employees is also provided, in order to improve the skills and individual development. Technical training, regularly given every week to technicians and engineers.

    Personal Development Training

    Company supporting Foreign language training, professional courses / training, and scholarships program for employees

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